3 Types of Flowers and When It Is Appropriate to Give Them

Posted on: 29 March 2017

One of the hardest parts about getting flowers to a loved one or friend is the fact that pretty much every type of flower has a hidden meaning behind it, which means that you could unintentionally end up sending the wrong message or alienating someone if you send the wrong flower. Listed below are three types of flowers to consider and when it is appropriate to give them.

Purple Hyacinth

A purple hyacinth is one of the best flowers that you can consider giving to someone if you have recently been in a fight with the individual or have been estranged for some time. The reason for this is that a purple hyacinth sends the message that you are asking for forgiveness.


Another flower to consider giving to someone is a daffodil, especially if that individual is embarking on a new endeavor in their life. This could be anything from that individual moving across the country, starting a new job, getting married, beginning a new relationship, or starting a family. The reason that a daffodil is such a great option for these situations is that daffodils represent new beginnings. A bouquet of daffodils is a great gift for anyone that is making a big change in their lives as a means of wishing them luck in their new endeavors and congratulating them on those new endeavors.


Finally, you should consider giving a heliotrope to an individual in the event that you have some type of romantic feelings for that individual, particularly if you are planning on proposing to that individual or if you have been in a relationship for quite some time. Heliotropes typically represent eternal love, which makes them ideal for anniversaries or weddings. In addition, a heliotrope is a good alternative to roses in that they can still get your message of love and romance across while differentiating yourself a bit by going with a less common romantic flower. Roses are also extra expensive around holidays like Valentine's day, so you'll save yourself some money too. 

Speak with your local florist today in order to discuss what types of flowers you should consider giving as a gift and to get a bit of help in order to make sure that you are giving flowers that are appropriate for the situation or event. Purple hyacinth, daffodils, and heliotrope are all great flower options to consider that each have their own unique meanings.


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